Why Cascade Concrete Industries™?

Cascade Concrete Industries™ utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control systems. Our plant is capable of producing precast and wet cast system components for large scale projects while maintaining many retaining wall components in our inventory. The plant manufactures product utilizing a highly automated and very efficient "dry cast" process on machinery designed by Teksam APS of Denmark. Having mobile manufacturing capabilities can prove to be a viable option on remote job sites. CCI is a member of the National Precast Concrete Association and being a NPCA Certified Plant ensures the highest of quality and reliability necessary in our current markets.

solid alternative to steel

RediStair™ is the proprietary pre-cast concrete stair system, provided by Cascade Concrete Industries, Inc., that offers a cost effective alternative to cast-in-place, standard simple-span pre-cast, and steel stair systems.

Living Retaining Walls

Criblock™ is a reinforced concrete retaining wall system. It's a gravity type wall that uses the mass of the concrete & materials compacted within cells for structural stability. It's not dependent on tie-black or grid systems for wall stabilization. This greatly minimizes excavation and back filling required by other retaining wall systems. The pieces of the Criblock™ systems articulate together to be solid yet withstand seismic and differential settlement acceleration significantly better than traditional wall systems.

Living Retaining Walls

MiniCrib™ provides many of the advantages of full sized Criblock(tm) in a smaller package with a lower cost. It's easier to place and simpler to build.

Living Sound Walls

The VSS™ wall system, patent pending, is a free standing, soil filled, sound barrier wall. It is foliage covered on all sides with sedum tiles, grasses and flowers. VSS™ walls significantly reduce noise but, unlike conventional walls, are far more environmentally friendly and sustainable. These walls provide colorful, graffiti free plantings, while reducing vehicle pollutants and producing oxygen from exhaust emissions. They also provide habitat and food for birds and vital insects such as bees.


Traditional sound walls with a proprietary construction which further enhances their sound attenuating ability.

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Our Partners

VSS™ produces a unique free standing living sound wall. Cascade Concrete Industries™ manufactures both VSS™ and Criblock™ walls.